1000 miles down……….

We’ve now completed our first 1000 miles together and so I thought I’d give a little update on how things are going.

Firstly, did we make the right choice?  So far the answer is a resounding yes!  However it’s only been a few weeks.

I have been using the car most days for my daily 55 mile commute.  It is predominantly through Norfolk’s country roads which are a mix of 30, 40 & 50 mph limits.  The computer was showing a mpg figure of 31.2.  However checking this at the pump gave an actual figure of 25.8 which is a bit disappointing mainly because I had hoped the computer would be more accurate.

The second fill up came after a 350 mile round trip to the Land Rover Show at Donnington.  This consisted of mostly 70 mph motorway driving with 4 occupants in the cab.  This time the computer was reading 28.5 mpg but checking at the pump gave an actual figure of 25.7.  Only 0.1 difference to the previous week.

It would seem that the computer is a bit random with regard to its accuracy and that 25-ish mpg is what I can expect.  I didn’t expect a 3.2 litre diesel to be frugal but I had hoped for slightly better figures than this.  Normally we would stick to 56-60 mph when travelling long distance so perhaps I can hope for better when we’re not in such a hurry.  I shall keep you informed.

In general we have found the car to be a lot more comfortable than we hoped.  The ride is very good (for a truck).  Yes you can feel the lumps and bumps in the road but it is not a ‘jarring’ harsh ride at all.  I am especially pleased with the BFG A/T Tyres which have proved to be very quiet and have very good road manners.  I’ve yet to try them off-road but they do have a good reputation.

One niggle which we may look into addressing is the lack of adjustment on the passenger seat.  The drivers seat has electric height, tilt and recline as well as lumber support.  Whereas the passenger seat only goes back and forward and reclines.  We will see how we get on with this as finding alternatives may be difficult.

With our previous car I had spent a lot of effort in reducing the noise levels and although we were quite comfortable a noise meter app on my phone recorded an average of 80 dB!  If I was at work this level would require ear defenders 😯   The same app in the same location in the Ranger gave a reading of 71 dB.  For those that don’t know, a drop of 3 dB means half the noise. That means that sitting in the Ranger we are exposed to 1/8th of the noise we used to endure in the discovery 😀   This will have a big impact on our overall comfort level during a long drive.

Unfortunately this period hasn’t been without incident.  Whilst showing off my new steed to our good friends Nick and Karen, at the Donnington Show, the wind caught the bonnet and folded it back onto the windscreen.  Fortunately the only damage were 3 small dents when the bonnet hit the windscreen wipers.  These are hardly noticeable and, at least, I now know to hold on tight and that, if needed, I can open it up fully (once I’ve put padding in place).

The second upsetting incident involved a suicidal muntjac deer which decided to leap out in front of the truck while I was travelling along a country road at 45 mph.  I managed to test the ABS brakes but still hit the poor animal and seriously injured it.   I have no doubt that it didn’t survive and, although I couldn’t avoid it, I am quite upset.  Despite a fairly heavy impact I can see no signs of damage on the car which gives me a good feeling about the robustness of the front bumper.

I am taking the car back to the dealer at the weekend as we seem to have a bit of a problem with the front parking sensors.  They seem to be a bit inconsistent and don’t seem to work all the time.  These are not standard and were fitted by the dealer at my request.  It is virtually impossible to see the end of the bonnet (and I’m bad at judging distance anyway 😳 ) so these are a ‘must have’ as far as I’m concerned.  I’m sure its a minor issue and hopefully they can resolve it on Saturday.

To finish on a few high points:

  • The stereo system is excellent once you’ve set it up to suit and links to our old iPod superbly.
  • The climate control is very stable and the best I’ve encountered in any car so far.
  • The heated screen is a godsend (as I knew it would be)
  • The heated seats are luveeerly on a cold morning 🙂


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