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IMG_2498.jpgWe’re Belinda and Ralph. We live in Norfolk, England, and, since 2009, we have been on various overland trips in our heavily modified 1995 Land Rover Discovery, Matilda.

We first got the 4×4, off-road bug back in 1995 and in the following years spent many weekends greenlaning and supporting 4X4 Response.  Then in 2009, after a major rebuild of the disco, we went on our first overland trip, to Morocco.

That trip went disastrously wrong, but we learned a lot and, since then, we have wild camped in the Sahara, watched the midnight sun 700 miles inside the Arctic Circle, travelled to Asia via Istanbul and driven through bonnet deep rivers in the volcanic interior of Iceland.

IcelandWe have documented many of these trips and the modifications to our disco on our ‘sister’ site www.overland-rovers.com and on the matching facebook page.

Because of some changes occurring soon, in our lives, we may have more time and opportunity to travel.

As well as going on longer ‘overland’ trips we also want to revisit many of the camping locations, in the UK, where we have been in the past and explore a few new ones.  A lot of these trips may well be shorter duration or even just a weekend.

The design of the Discovery lends itself to living outside the vehicle and this isn’t always conducive to British weather or the ‘cooler’ months of the year, at the same time, health reasons mean that climbing a ladder to bed every night is going to get more and more difficult.

Because of this we needed to look for a replacement for Matilda that provided:

  • A easily accessible double bed.
  • A space big enough to stand up in a get dressed or wash/shower.
  • A space big enough to sit in reasonable comfort for colder climates or when the weather outside turns yuck.
  • A toilet facility for those times when a spade just isn’t practicable

We still wanted a vehicle that had  ‘proper’ 4X4 capability, is manageable on Norfolk’s narrow roads and be able to take us to all the places we have already been (and many we haven’t).  This includes those mountain tracks, desert pistes, gravel roads with river crossings and mile after mile of autobahn.

Having considered many options we decided that the best approach, for us, was a Double Cab Pickup and Demountable Camper combination.

Vehicle choice was the first and biggest decision.  Having tried several vehicles we finally settled on the Ford Ranger 3.2 Wildtrak (click here to see how we came the that decision).

For the demountable camper we are still looking at options and will update this page when we have made a final decision.

In these pages we aim to record the daily ‘problems’ (hopefully there won’t be many), the modifications, the kit we carry and take you along on our trips.

We welcome your comments and hope you follow us and enjoy the journey.

Belinda & Ralph

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