Using every resource I can!

For over six years I have run and since November last year I have run this website with the aim of informing, entertaining and inspiring others. Now, for the first time, I would like to ask for something back. Not for me, you understand, but for someone and something that has…

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We’re on our way!

To where? You may ask.  The countdown has hit zero and we’re currently sitting at the airport en route to view a possible contender for our ‘camper back’ in France.  Tomorrow we shall visit the factory and poke, shake and generally climb all over the units they have there.  I…

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Monitoring & Diagnostics – Part 1

OBD - 3

With the increasing complexity of modern vehicles a DIY diagnostic solution, in your toolbox, is as important as a set of spanners.  So, why is this part 1?  Well this is a complex area and I shall continue to a research a wide variety of options.  This post will focus,…

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