Ford Ranger Oil Pump Failure Survey

There have been many comments, mainly on Facebook, about faulty oil pumps fitted to the 2.2 Ranger engine.  This was the same engine fitted to Transits and Land Rover Defenders.  Both these vehicles have been subject to a recall to fix the problem.  However, the Ranger has not.  Lately there have also been comments regarding a similar problem on the 3.2 engine.

My vehicle has given faultless service over the last 3 years and 30k miles, but it is now out of warranty, so these comments are a concern.  Despite a lot of ‘googling’ I have only found references to ‘reports of failures’ rather than the ‘reports’ themselves.  This makes me wonder if this is simply ‘Chinese whispers’ or if there is actually a problem and I should be worried.

So, although I have put together this short survey for totally selfish reasons (i.e. do I really need to worry about my oil pump), I hope it will become a reference point for other Ranger owners to, either put their mind at rest or scare the willys out of them.  😉

If enough information comes to light to indicate that there is a significant problem (bearing in mind that approximately 13000 Rangers are sold in the UK each year) then this just may be the information that causes Ford to rethink a recall.

Please complete the survey and share the link anywhere where Ranger owners lurk.



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