James Baroud Explorer Evolution **NOW SOLD**

Following some significant changes in our lives, we have decided that our future travels will be in a motorhome rather than 4X4.  The Ranger has now been sold and I am slowly selling off the overland equipment.  The first bit of kit to go is the James Baroud Roof Tent.

This was purchased in late 2012 as a direct import from Portugal.  At that time there were no dealers in the UK, so it was probably the first one (or at least one of the first) in the country.

It was fitted to Matilda, our Discovery, and served us well in some very extreme conditions.  It has never let in water and has been exposed to some very strong winds in the Arctic Circle and Iceland.  There is a recess in the roof that will take 25kg.  We normally carried a spare tyre (235/85 Wrangler MT/R) with our air jack stored inside.  I never had an issue opening it with this weight on board.  It did make the closing easier though.

Along with the tent, we also ordered the thermal insulation kit.  This comprises of a complete inner lining which (apparently) increases the internal temperature by 6 degrees.  We only used it once and found it to be very warm, however it does limit the amount of bedding you can leave in the tent.

Talking of bedding we always slept with a 4 season double duvet (4.5 and a 10.5 tog) and 4 pillows.  The tent would close with all this inside if you arranged it properly before closing.  We always carried the ladder in the car and we had a waterproof bag made to keep the ladder in.

We also purchased a James Baroud rear awning.  This turned out to be a less than perfect design, however, we did use it in Norway and Iceland and it does provide cover for the back of the vehicle.  It is 125cm wide and comes with three sides.  I will include it in the sale for no extra cost.

Bonded to the top of the tent is a 100W solar panel.  The cables are fully glanded and run into the tent and out through the bottom.  This keeps the cables contained and stops then blowing in the wind.  The panel is secured using Tiger Seal and could be removed, but would take a lot of effort and cleaning to do it.  I also added an Awning ‘C’ Channel along one side and across the back.  This accepts the homemade awning that will be included in the tent.  This gives some cover when climbing in and out.

Inside the tent is very clean with no mildew, stains or bad smells.  It has 4 hanging net pockets for mobiles, books, head torches etc. and has a removable rechargeable overhead light as well as a solar powered extractor fan, which is virtually silent in use.  The fan can be reversed to supply or vent by fitting a different fan blade.  Unfortunately, the other fan broke but I’m sure it will only be a few pounds to order a replacement.  We also replaced all the metal zip tabs with chords to stop the incessant ‘jingling’ every time we moved or the wind blew.  I now see that you can actually buy a conversion pack online for this.  There is also a large roof net.  we used to keep all our clothes, that we took off, in here while we slept.

There is a mark on the rear ‘canvas’ where I accidentally touched it with some tiger seal glue.  It would have made ore mess to try and clean it so it is still there.

The tent has been on the roof of a vehicle ever since it was purchased and has been exposed to the weather for 6 years.  In addition, it has covered a lot of road miles including the Arctic, Iceland and overland to Asia.  because of this the top of the tent has lost its ‘shine’ and now has a mat finish.  I’m sure that with enough time, elbow grease and T-Cut it could be returned to its former glory if required.

The tent is mounted on three Thule professional crossbars.  These can be secured using any Thule ‘footpack’ or can be removed and the tent bolted directly to a roofrack.  the bars are rated to 75kg each and so are more than adequate.

These tents are renowned for their durability and quality.  they get rave reviews in Europe, Australia and South Africa and are seen as Rolls Royce of roof tents.

I have found 2 UK suppliers of these tents. Devon 4×4 are currently selling the nex version of this tent at £2535.60 .  In addition LVB Overland also have them on sale at £2590.  Both of these are in white gel coat (the black finish is extra and looks much better IMHO) without the thermal lining and awnings.

The tent is currently in our back garden near Gt. Yarmouth and anyone is welcome to come and inspect it.  I am asking £1500 which I think is very reasonable for the whole package.

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