Not all progress is in the right direction

Yesterday we took the car over to Halesworth to get the front parking sensors fixed.

They seemed to be a bit hit and miss.  The other day I was parking against a wall.  I kept edging further and further forward waiting for the beeping to start.  Eventually I stopped and Belinda checked around the front and found that I was actually touching the wall.

I’ve never been very good at judging distances and this bonnet is almost impossible to see the edge of.   For me front parking sensors will be essential.

Remarkably Ford do not offer an integrated ‘add-on’ set of sensors.  The kit that is provided by Ford dealers is actually made by a company called Xvision.

In their infinite wisdom Ford have decided that running wires around a car to connect things is outdated.  This is because wires can be chaffed, trapped and broken.  As such various items are controlled by modules and these modules speak to each other using Bluetooth.

The problem comes when you add another item also using Bluetooth.  Yes, thats right, the parking sensors use Bluetooth!

Because of this they were suffering interference.  The poor mechanic spent 90 mins moving the module around the car and rerunning what wires there were until he could get them working properly.

We tried them on the way home and had one minor glitch but it could have been the object we were using as a test (lamp post).   In other test they have worked fine, so hopefully they’re now fully functioning.

Today I completed my first modification 😀

Okay, so it wasn’t anything too earth shattering but its a start.  I fitted the iPhone mounts and you can read the article here.

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