Not much to report

It’s been an uneventful few days with Arbie.  He has coped with my daily commute admirably (as he should) and is returning a consistent 25-27 mpg.  However all is not well.

I have taken the car back to the dealers twice now because of the front parking sensors.  They are suffering ‘interference’ and are totally unreliable.  Sometimes they just don’t work at all, other times they start to ‘beep’ but stop once you depress the brake.  This is less than helpful when you’re ‘edging’ towards a brick wall or another car. 😥

The first time they thought it was because of bluetooth interference.  The second time they re-routed the earth from an existing module to a stand alone connection.  Neither of these has solved the problem although they claim to have been unable to replicate the failure in their workshop!

The rear sensors and reverse camera are excellent.  It seems such a strange omission to not have a similarly good system for the front (I notice that these are now standard on the 2016 model).

The sensors are Ford approved and are made by Xvision.  If you request sensors on your Ford (and several other marques) these are what you will get supplied from the dealer.

I must admit that I am taking a while to adapt to the extra width and length of the Range compared t the Disco.  The sloping bonnet doesn’t help and so I am keen to get these up and running before I have an expensive ‘nudge’.  I am now waiting to hear from them with further suggestions once they have talked to the Xvision technical people.  I’ll keep you informed.

Apart from that I have been playing with a few diagnostic apps (more on this later) and I have started to collect a few accessories with the hope of doing a bit of fettling over the Christmas break.

Research is still ongoing with regard to a camper, and we are talking to a few suppliers, but it will be several weeks before anything is decided.

That’s all for now.  🙂

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