Sliding Load Bed

Reaching stuff in the rear load bed was difficult enough, but once the canopy was fitted I knew it would become even more difficult.  Because of this I needed a solution that would allow easy access to the full load bed without wasting space.

There are several sliding ‘shelves’ on the market and they vary considerably in price.  More importantly, for me anyway, was the fact that most of them are a ‘universal’ fit and don’t maximise the full width of the bed.

sliding-drawer-6Searching the internet for options I discovered Up-Country Autoproducts offered a load tray that was specifically designed to follow the contours of the load bed.

One bonus is that they are located in Halesworth, Suffolk.  This is only 45 mins drive from here.

(NB: It’s the picture thats tilted not the load bed 😳 )

sliding-drawer-5I decided to pay for them to fit it and it took only 40 minutes from start to finish.

It has a universal fitment, but the top ‘deck’ is specifically shaped to suit.

It is fitted with a very hard wearing, waterproof surface and rails around the edge for tying the load down

sliding-drawer-1There is, literally, just a fingers width between the shelf and edge, so it really maximises the space.

sliding-drawer-3It is very well built and will support 250kg when extended.

It also locks in several positions and is, virtually, a one handed operation.

All in all and excellent bit of kit.



  1. Why the slider bed and not drawers?

    • I wanted more flexibility than drawers could provide. I also wanted to keep the back as clear as possible for when I carry large objects.

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