Smart phone holders

On my previous vehicle we made extensive use of our iPhones.  I used mine to control the GoPros and/or act as a backup sat nav.  We would use Belinda’s to stream music or control a camera as and when we wanted to use two.  As such we wanted them accessible and always charged. 

dashIn the Discovery I used two Brodit proclips with the appropriate holders.

This system has the advantage that you can upgrade the holder, to suit a new phone, without having the change the mount.

Or, as in this case, transfer your holder to another car simply by buying a different proclip.

IMG_2719These were so successful that I decided to use the same system for the Ranger.

The proclips fix to the dashboard without screws or the need for drilling.  You do have to widen the gaps between the trim panels a bit but they do give very good instructions and two little tools for doing it.

They, literally, take seconds to fit.

The proclips are designed to put the phone within sight and easy reach of the driver.  This throws up a problem if you want one one either side unless you consider the fact that this car is sold in LHD as well as RHD form.

I simply ordered one of each mount from DSL Developments and clipped on on each air vent.

IMG_0039I then transferred the iPhone 6 holders from the discovery over to the new mounts in the Ranger.

There are several different phone holders available; with or without charging, USB or bare end, with or without case, etc.

I chose the active (i.e. with charging) holder with a USB end.

In the discovery I hard wired in some USB sockets.  however I found that these interfered badly with the CB radio and so I shall just use USB plugs inserted into the 12v sockets.

This also leaves me the option of using the socket in the normal way if I want to, and avoids any hassle with the cars electrical system.

The cables just tucked neatly behind the trim panels, leaving just enough to swivel the holders and plug into the socket.  I shall be swapping the USB plugs for a double, once I source a suitable model, as this will give me an extra socket for the iPad that we will use for navigation and another for the dash mount GoPro (more on these later).

I have placed both mounts lower than Brodit suggest as I found the phone obstructed the view of the sat nav screen and restricted access to the vent control.  They do obstruct the vent a bit but I have not found it to be much of a problem.  However, it is December in England!  I’ll let you know if it’s a problem once we’re into warmer climes.



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