Time for a rant!

You do your best to look after your truck and then some b*****d scrapes their van against it and doesn’t even bother to stop! 👿  😡  👿 

dent-1The Ranger was parked outside our house this morning and was fine.

I even took some pictures so that I could create some ‘mock-ups’ for the signwriter.

Having popped out with my graphics to get some quotes I returned home and noticed a white scrape, dent and a scar in the paintwork on the drivers side front bumper.  They weren’t there in the morning pictures and I hadn’t hit anything while I was out.

This picture was taken after I had given it a good dose of T-cut and polish.

We analysed where we had been and reckon it was struck by a delivery van pulling out of the shared driveway next door.  There is no way that we can trace who it was.

There have been several delivery trucks up and down there today and it could have been any one of them.  I feel certain that whoever did it would have known.  If they didn’t they are an incompetent driver and if they did they are a @#*%!.

Rant over!  Normal service will be resumed with the next article.

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