Time to next trip

Some of you may have noticed a new ‘widget’, on the right, that is counting down the time to our next trip.

Once we have a confirmed date I shall set this to indicate when we shall set off on a trip that I feel will be of interest to you.

countdownMuch as I would love all these trips to be major overland adventures, sadly this won’t be the case.   They will, however, have a specific link to overlanding.

The current countdown is an example of what I mean.  In February we shall be flying to Geneva, where we will hire a car and pop over border into France to visit the factory of B.B.F.

The aim of the visit is to have a look at their demountable Camping Cell.  I shall provide more details of what we’re going to look at in another post.

I shall write, in more detail, later about our thoughts, desires and difficulties regarding finding the right demountable solution.

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