Tyre Choice

On my previous vehicle (Discovery 300 TDi) I fitted Goodyear Wrangler MT/Rs.  This was mainly because I originally used the car for pay and play days and some extreme-ish greenlaning.  They we a 70-30 off/on road tyre and performed well.  However they were fairly noisy, interesting in the wet and becoming more and more difficult to find in the UK.

For the Ranger in wanted something a little less aggresive as we don’t intend to deliberately seek out extreme terrain. 

IMG_2715The BF Goodrich All-Terrain has been around for years and is one of the most popular tyres for overland vehicles.

They have, just recently, upgraded it and added a more aggressive shoulder whilst maintaining the 50/50 bias.  So I ordered 5 BF Goodrich A/T KO2s to be fitted before I collected the car.

They are available just about everywhere and have built an enviable reputation.

I decided to retain the 18″rims and although many may frown at this I’m quite relaxed about it.  We have to be honest and accept that our overland trips will be of a short-ish duration and we will never really be that far away from civilisation.  It is highly unlikley that we will find ourselves in a life threatening situation where we are dependant upon getting a replacement tyre quickly.  The worst case is a disruption to our plans for a few days while a local dealer sources one or we have to freight one out from the UK.  If we were planning a ‘Round the World’ trip or driving to Cape Town I would, probably, have gone for 17″ or even 16″ rims.  Maybe one day but not just yet 😉

The new ranger is billed as a ‘world car’ and so, even if we can’t get a BFG, we should be able to get an 18″ tyre, of some sort, from a local Ford dealer

When we go away we shall carry a spare wheel and an additional spare tyre anyway.  For the vast majority of the cars use it will be on tarmac and on normal British roads and the 18″ wheels look good  🙂

The standard tyre size is 265/60s but I decided to go for 265/65 just to add a bit more rubber between the road and the rim without affecting the speedo accuracy too much.  In fact it has ended up reading only 2 mph fast at 70 mph.

We have just done a 360 mile round trip on motorways and main roads, in the pouring rain, and the tyres have proven to be quiet and sure footed.  On my daily 50 mile commute I hardly notice any tyre noise and certainly can’t tell that I have ‘off-road’ tyres fitted.

There are some rumours floating about that BFG have used a softer compound on these and so they will not last as long as the previous version.  Only time, and mileage, will tell if this is true.

I shall keep you informed.

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