We’re on our way!

To where? You may ask.  The countdown has hit zero and we’re currently sitting at the airport en route to view a possible contender for our ‘camper back’ in France. 

Tomorrow we shall visit the factory and poke, shake and generally climb all over the units they have there. 

I shall keep you in suspense and update you with some photos and more details tomorrow. 

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  1. Hi Ralph,
    I was a keen follower of your adventures and modifications in the D1. I’ve not been on the site for some time though so have only just caught up on this latest addition and move away from Land Rover. Very interested to see how you kit out your new Ranger, my suspicions after some Ranger camper searches suggests you’ll be looking at some kind of built on camper where the bed comes up over the top of the cab. Best of luck I’ll be looking back to see how your camper build progresses.

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