The Wildtrak Ranger comes fitted with roofrails and I wanted to make use of them.  I don’t like the look of many of the roofbars on the market as they sit high and have a big impact on fuel consumption and noise.

In the ‘good old days’ car manufacturers used to fit roofrails and supply bars to fit between them.  They were simple, smart and looked like an original fitment.  Sadly they all seem to rely upon companies like Thule to make universal ones with different ‘feet’ now.

Searching the interweb I was happy to discover Whispbars.   More specifically their Aero S46X Rail bar.  These are sleek, aerodynamic and have a load rating of 75kg.  More then enough for what I want.

Whispbars - 2The only down side is that the don’t extend wider than the existing bars, but that doesn’t bother me.

They fit between the bars and clamp top and bottom using an allen key that is actually carried in one of the end caps.
Whispbars - 6

Whispbars - 3Covers then fit over the allen socket and are locked in place, with a key, to prevent light fingers taking them away.

Whispbars - 5I am very impressed with the appearance and have noticed no discernible increase in wind noise.

They are quite expensive, at £169, but compare favourably with other premium brands such a Thule.



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