Wind deflectors

One of the great pleasures of travelling is experiencing the sights and sounds of other countries.  Sometimes we can’t actually stop, as we pass through towns and villages, and so we tend to drive with our windows open so that we can speak to the locals, hear the sounds and smell the aromas.  This can often be blustery so, on the discovery, we fitted wind deflectors.  These were the next modification to make to the Ranger.

I’m not going to insult you with details of how these are fitted as they are pretty straightforward.

wind deflector - 1There are two basic types, internal and external.

The external type stick to the outside doorframe and the internal type fit into the actual window channel.

On our previous vehicle we originally had internal but when these broke we fitted some external type.

We found the internal ones looked better and were more effective with the window open.

With the external ones we found an increase in wind noise when the windows were shut.

wind deflector2 - 1The internal type we used before were made by Heko and are easily found on ebay.  They are also quite reasonable at £24 for a set of 4.

These simple clip into the window frame and are held in by small metal clips.

I prefer the look of these as they don’t change the look of the door frame.

It is worth getting the rear ones as well as we found that driving with the rear windows ‘cracked’ open will increase ventilation without significant wind noise.

Once fitted we found a distinct reduction in buffeting below 30 mph but above this they don’t have much effect.  However, this is good enough for us and will make a difference as we ‘poodle’ along 🙂 .

These are cheap and simple upgrade that are easily removable which I would recommend.

I shall update this article once they’ve been on for a while and I can assess them better.


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